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Tony Moody

Hallo Victoria and Beta team,

I plead for the level of heading to be left as it is.
'Group Description' is redundant on the page but then too are all the other headings. However the headings are very useful as place markers when filling in the data for a new site. Please, for site development and for continuity sake leave the headings as they are. 


On 11 Mar 2018 at 17:45, Victoria wrote about :
Subject : [beta] Group Description

Well, it´s not a language issue alone. I simply find it redundant. There´s a title to the description already. I believe readers are clever enough to know that the text following the title is a group description J.
I post this in beta because I thought it could maybe be changed to optional.
By the way, I don´t think I´m so special about this. There were quite a few voices in this direction. Pre-formulated texts such as boiler plates and non-alterable titles generally make one feel being patronized, so as if, sorry to say this, group owners were not able to create their own texts for various situationsJ.
Also, a non-German speaking person (like me), or a person who knows just a little German and is interested in your group, gets a better idea of how to read your home page with the titles than without them.

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