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At the risk of posting another 'me too' comment, I'd like to add my thoughts to this. I can understand having "Group Description" on the settings page so one knows exactly what the text box is for, but on the home page I don't see that it does anything terribly useful. To me, the description immediately following the title is more like a subtitle for a book - it's just a detailed continuation of the title. On one of my home pages ( the line "Group Description" is almost an intrusion into the idea being posted, because the description flows naturally from the title. Users with text readers would never notice the loss, because it is subsidiary to the title.

Given a choice, I would agree with Victoria and vote to leave the line "Group Description" off the home page.

Just my 2¢ worth.


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Well, here´s the title. It´s in German:
“Gesunderhaltung, Ernährung, Verhalten, Cushing und andere Erkrankungen“
It´s bold enough to make everyone see it´s a title.
And as far as I can see, most groups have a title which is self-explaining.
Where? Maybe I'm missing something.


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