moderated Re: Location of replies - Top or bottom



What does it have to do with Beta?
It would have to do with beta if the Reply feature encouraged one way or the other. And that was discussed a long time ago here.

The result is that Reply is relatively agnostic: it does not by default include a quote of the original at all. You have to either select a region of the original before clicking Reply, or use the "Quote Whole Post" button on the formatting toolbar after clicking reply.

In neither case does the Reply function leave the text cursor at a particular location - the user must click in the text box to start typing. There is a very slight bias towards top post (bottom quote) in that if the quoted text is larger than the edit box, the edit box is initially scrolled to the top of the quoted text.

The bottom line for Judy is that it is up to the replying member, and how they use the Reply function or their email interface.


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