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Well, it's your analogy. Since you've determined that it isn't apt I guess we can skip it.

Perhaps some are not familiar with the way hashtags are utilized by those who browse the message archive on the group page...

You click on the "Hashtags" category; then click on a particular hashtag. That will filter your view to only those message posts having the selected hashtag. In this way you can view all the various categories of hashtagged message posts.

You can't however selectively view posts that have no hashtags. Unlike email users, subscribers who view message posts on the group page have no option to mute hashtagged messages and browse the remainder.

The solution is to require that *all* message posts have a hashtag (the "Hashtags Required" option in the group settings). Then every message will be filterable into some hashtag category.

But we don't necessarily want to burden our subscribers by forcing them to invent new hashtags, or make them sort through a list of predefined hashtags, because the things we discuss sometimes do not fall into definite categories. So let's just permit these subscribers to use the hashtag category called #other.

And let's make it even easier for them by not rejecting their emails for lack of a hashtag, or forcing them to choose the #other hashtag from a dropdown list every time they post online. Let's just assume that if the user provides no hashtag the message post is by default of the "other" category and the #other hashtag should be applied automatically.

Therefore: "mandatory" hashtags for all message posts, with an automatically applied "default" hashtag if none is provided by the user.

This feature would make particular sense in a group where use of hashtags is restricted to moderator/owner for various official posts, notices and announcements. Subscriber posts would automatically fall in the #other hashtag category with zero effort on subscribers' part.

Another way to accomplish this goal would be to provide the ability for online users to mute those hashtags they are not interested in wading through. Until we have that capability the default hashtag idea would be easy to implement: hashtags on all message posts, whether provided by moderator, subscriber or automatically by default.


On 03/06/18 15:08, J_Catlady wrote:
p.s. Maybe you want to be kind to them, like in restaurants where a tie is required and if somebody doesn't wear one, you lend them one? But that's not an apt analogy because hashtags are supposed to be informative.
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