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Glenn Rawsky & Rebecca Smith

I second that - our club uses the calendar primarily to reserve time at our facility for private training time, and we do *not* want each individual's personal reservation announced to the entire group.  Club events that do need to be announced comprise at most ~20% of what is scheduled on our Calendar.

Maybe the best option would be to allow the Owner/Moderators of each group to choose what the default policy/action should be for their group's calendar - i.e. either Checked or Not Checked for Send Invite to Group, as best suits that Group's use of the calendar?


On 2/28/2018 4:19 PM, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
Because I am not perfect and , events can be complex, requiring repetition and a careful attention to detail,
I find the Automatic check of the Send to Group a PIA.
The  most recent event to set up is really a weekly announcement  of a chance to  register for an event.
It was easy to mis set the dates, repetition cycle, etc 
It took several tries 
And on each try I had to remember to uncheck that darn box so that the group wouldn't get an incorrect invitation 5 or 6  times because that's at  least the number of times I edited it.

Mark, can we please have the default of Send Message changed to Unchecked?


Bob Bellizzi

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