moderated Can Moderators be given ability to edit members signatures?


Hello, J.


I wouldn't have believed that we could have accomplished this, and we started it as "optional" in the beginning, but now all our group members have a sig containing their cat's name, gender, age, weight, diagnosis, diagnosis method and date, current meds with dosages, and "other health conditions." It only takes 2-3 lines and is incredibly convenient. We don't have to ask, "Well, how much of x are you giving him, and how much does he weigh?" and wait for the answer, which sometimes is not forthcoming, and we don't have to go searching through past threads. We can just say, "I see you're giving x amount of y and he weighs 10 lbs, you could ask your vet about increasing that to ...."

In health groups this is a very important tool. We started this in Yg many years ago and no one ever complained. Some of them just forgot it sometimes.Thats why I liked the recurring mail tool in YG where small instuctions how to handle this or that could regularly be sent, f. e. how to create the signature and which exact information we need to be in it.


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