moderated Re: Left-hand Menu Request


It's not a pain for me at all, it's perfect. I prefer it the way it is now so don't want the automatic dropdown to disappear completely. I don't mind if this is an option for each group, but I don't want it to just go. Mine is always open because I've alway got people pending (who haven't responded to the questionnaire usually). I can see pending members, pending message and message on my laptop screen without scrolling and that works really well for me.


On Mon, Feb 26, 2018 at 04:09 pm, Duane wrote:

If I remember correctly, it didn't originally drop down automatically.  It
was implemented so folks could save a click when there was something needing
attention. I can see where it would be inconvenient for those groups that wait
for information before approval.  Maybe this could be made an option that
could be set by subscription/moderator or group?


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