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Tony Moody

Sure J,
It goes to the email address of the person applying.
  • I have been running a news and info email service for our village since year 2005 which went to paid subscription in year 2009 by subscribers request and consent. I know or have met most existing paid-up subscribers. The plain text emails are manually compiled and delivered by own mailserver via my service supplier, twice a day. Each is personalised as recommended by our South African Post Office which runs the internet spine in this country.
  • So under existing conditions I need personalisation to lower the chances of my list emails going into a hole, or my list being blacklisted.
  • Most important to me that our community is polite and friendly, emails mention the persons name. I want/need to say Dear Joe or Dear Prospective Member. I need to collect the prospective member actual names because quite often an email address is shared by several people. as in "Joe" <jandmjacobson@...> and "Mary" <jandmjacobson@...> and so forth. It seems that Grio will not process a request (silently) which seems to come from the same email address as an existing member (needs testing -tm)
  • Around here a plain, bald  "Hallo" is a bit rude and disrespectful if you know the persons name. If a person has put in a join request then we have met! yes? Around here it is extremely rude to be called "Hey". That is what you say when you are not too sure which dog farted. As you may be aware, saying "Hi" in a list email automatically triggers the spam filters. as does 'too much' html and the mention of money.  I didn't make these rules.
  • Not quite relevant here is that I do need to collect additional information from the prospective member and to send an invoice before the person achieves membership. This is more about the design of front-end.  As things stand I am going to have to put up a form on another website, go through the processing and send an Invitation. But I cannot see how to hijack the subscribe process to insert my own form or whatever; between Subscribe and Accept/Invite.  
I must also say that has become too complicated, err, feature rich. A year ago I migrated from YG and set it up up as Announcement only group and that was a pleasure. The thought of changing this to a real-time group is both exciting and very desirable, but as it is, is a most daunting task due to the plethora of choices, effects of which are sometimes quite obscure.
Finding GMF Help page and the 'sandpit' page has been very helpful in learning and understanding. My suggestion is that there be tiered instructions, Terse on the page: Helpful guides in tooltips : Verbose as per GMF Help : Operating manual in excruciating detail to plod through when required.

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I don't understand this request. Like all member notices, the Pending Subscription notice goes TO the person requesting the subscription.

The invitation already does include the name of the person sending the invitation. Which other member notices are you suggesting adding this information to?

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