locked Re: Missing owner


I agree - needs to be addressed.

There are two of us who are the only mods on two groups set
up by one person - and we don't have enough privs to do more
than set a person to moderated.

Pre-Neo, I could do it before approving.

I have tried to get ownership - but nobody has responded
(including the owner). Neo pretty much killed the group,
but because of its name (CatVet), I want to keep it open
for people who (for whatever reason) write to the group
instead of going to their vet.

I would think that if there was a System level person
who could write to the owner address and verify that there
was no response, the mod(s) could be promoted. Could even
leave the original owner on the list - but give other tools
to the left-over mods so the group can continue. I think
Yahoo's response tends to be deleting the group.


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