moderated Re: Date format settings #suggestion



I am in the UK and therefore, obviously, would prefer the date to be
dd/mm/yyyy. Equally I understand that those in the USA would prefer
mm/dd/yyyy. And of course, Mark being American would naturally create the
date format that he is familiar with. That is fully understood. However
Groups io is growing and becoming international and so I think it is not
surprising that people are asking the question about other date formats.
It is not a question of seniority at Groups io (my group has also been here
for two years), I think that is irrelevant. It is a question of being able
to see and instantly understand something we have known all our lives.
However I would happily accept yyyy/mm/dd as a universal compromise, not
least because my group does have members from various countries including
the USA.


I feel just as strongly that it should remain as is if it cannot be set
optionally at the group or individual level. We do not believe our members
should be subjected to confusion to accommodate newcomers.

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