moderated refinements to member notices #suggestion


My suggestion overall (details below) is separate out member notices into two cases:

(1) Notices which must be sent automatically (if sent at all), because the member or pending member, not the moderator initiates the action. These consist of only two cases: Good-bye and Pending Subscription.

(2) Notices that are sent at the time of a moderator-driven action. This is all the rest - rejected subscription, rejected message, removed, banned, etc.

In case (2), I would like to see the "active" designation removed because it is misleading and, in some cases, doesn't do anything. In some of these cases currently, the moderator chooses, at the time they initiate the action (e.g., rejecting a message), which notice goes out - thus making the "active" designation meaningless. In some of them, this real-time choice is not presented, and I think it should be (details below).

In case (1), I think the "active" choice needs to be there (because there is no possible way to make a choice of which notice goes out in real time, so you need a default). 

Here are my detailed suggestions, and the rationale:

1, Remove the “active” designation for rejected message. It's unnecessary and misleading (the mod chooses the message at the time of rejection). (The "active" designation could stay in case you want the mod not to have to actively choose at the time, but it is still misleading IMO.)


2. Similar to "rejected message" currently, allow multiple notices for “rejected subscription” and allow the mod to choose, at the time of rejecting the subscription, which one goes out. Similarly, the "active" designation could (and would preferably) be removed. 


3. Same for removed member and banned member - remove the "active" choice and pick which one goes out, if any, at the time of the removal or banning.

Here's the reason I would like these changes. I find myself, in each case, having to manually go in and pick the "active" notice before taking the action (rejecting the subscription or whatever), and then going back afterwards and putting back the "active" to the former one or to none of them. In other words, I am picking which message I want to go out, but instead of picking it in conjunction with the specific action I'm taking at the time, I'm forced to go into Member Notices and set the default ("active") notice to whatever I want it to be for that particular member, THEN reject the member, and THEN go BACK into Member Notices and set it back (in many cases).

Unlike "Pending Subscription" and "Good-bye," which are the only two *truly* automatic notices - because the action is initiated by the pending member, rather than the moderator - I don't think that any other notices require a default "active" choice, and I think that having one creates more problems than it solves.

Even the Welcome message could be choosable at the time the membership is approved, but this seems less useful and that one could be left alone, which an "active" default.



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