moderated Re: New Yahoo group transfer system

Patty Sliney

Thank you SO much for doing this, Mark, fantastic.  I have a question if I might:  I will be moving a rather large list in a week or so, and I wanted to try to keep my group's size down to 1 GB.  However, our current photos section is 7 GB alone (the files are still in the MBs, so no worries about that section causing issues).  Is there a way I can move just the more current photo albums/photos so I don't transfer all 9 years' worth of photos?  My group just isn't set up to be able to obtain a membership fee from on an annual basis, to cover the $110 annual cost, so trying to keep our size down.  We're a sewing/quilting/embroidery group, so we're sort of heavy on the photos (of our projects, work, etc.)  Or, would I transfer everything, then go in and delete the older photos until we're down under 1 GB?

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