moderated could invitation text be moved


Marina, Kevin,

Shal suggested to put the other language message inside two horizontal lines. Of course, this would make it less confusing.

But of course it would be helpful if members from non English-speaking countries could be invited in their own language without a boilerplate or English texts above or below.

I have no idea how big a job it would be to just inactivate this fixed invite text so each owner can write his own?

Marina wrote: I would go a step further.

I think that having the possibility to address the invitee in his/her own language would reduce the risk of people marking the message as spam.
Why can't the message be *fully* customizable?
I am afraid that putting a text in German (or in Italian or whatever) in the middle of or above or below the text in English would make people even more confused.

I can understand that localization is not a priority now, but maybe we can start from this feature and give foreign group owners the possibility to invite members in their own language?

Thank you for your attention.

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