moderated see past activity from "removed" as well as "banned" members (premium groups) #suggestion


I have brought this up before, but only tangentially within other topics: I now routinely ban every member who leaves the group because it's the only way I can see who they were and their past activity. In other words: there are a "past members" list and a "banned members" list, but in only the banned list can you click on the member to reach their member page. 

Is there any way to make the "past members" just as clickable? I am now banning people I would not normally ban, just to see who they were when they leave and what problems (if any) there were. I've now banned so many that it's at the point where I can't tell from looking at the "banned" list whether or not I really want these people to be banned, and therefore I can't necessarily make a reasonable decision on what to do if they reapply. (Also, I can see that they've reapplied only by the log entry "banned member attempted to apply" but I also don't get notified by email.)

Is there some way to rectify this? Clearly, the record still exists, because all I have to do is move the "past" email address to the "banned" list and it becomes accessible.


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