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Howdy Duane
Thanks for the work around ideas but they just don't work for our particular group. :-(
We have been using wiki  instructions and one-one emails to help members but they fail some of our members.  We can't possibly edit every message a confused member posts. Our group is big (10,000) and can have several daily digest per day with new members constantly coming in needing help to fill out a case history form, join a sub-group, download, fill out a case history form, then make the folder to upload it to.  They also need a signature that includes their name, general location, join date and so the mods can find their information in the sub-groups files and unsearchable photo section, working links to their information. 

New members are often justifiably frantic for help and have a big medical learning curve to get through but add to that a limited understanding of how the internet, let alone works? It is almost mission impossible at times.  The drive and time it takes to overcome the technical stuff for some is a lot more than some people would invest for anything else. If our mods can reduce some of the stress and quickly and permanently fix members signatures it would save us all so much time and frustration. I've been at signature fix with a member for over a week now and this is not first time it has taken this long.  I'm at my wits end myself, otherwise I would not bother the Beta Group with this. 


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