moderated Re: web-based questionnaire for restricted groups a pressing issue #suggestion

Patty Sliney

I think this is a great feature to add, Mark.  We used the Comments section in the membership application heavily for my lists, mainly based on my list demographic.  We use it to help screen out list spammers.  Yahoo Groups has the option to make that comments section mandatory to complete - you can't submit the membership application without filling out the comments section - with a checkbox for "mandatory" I think.  It helps us a lot.  We ask in our list description for a "list-specific" comment, and not a general comment, so we can screen out list spammers.  Most of the time, folks understand that.  Sometimes we have to prompt them for a more specific comment, but this is really an important feature in the application form for my groups.  Having a customized questionnaire is a "nice to have", but that comments field for us is a "need to have".

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