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Hi Victoria,

On Sun, Feb 18, 2018 at 09:58 am, Victoria Caesar wrote:
I run the German speaking canine and feline Cushings Yg.
I am familiar with the English-speaking CanineCushingAutoimmuneDisease yahoo group and it is excellent. The same specialist vet who contributes to my group on feline small cell lymphoma also participates in that group. Are you familiar with it? A couple of years ago I tried to get them to move to but they were uninterested. Since your group includes cats, after you move to it would be good for your group and mine to connect with each other. (Isn't this rare in cats? We can talk about it offlist.)

 always add a pdf with group guidelines which they must accept as well. 
In there's an option to make your group guidelines publicly accessible on the home page, so that prospective members can see them.

I was on facebook from 2010 to 2014, and I really got fed up with it, for I like serious and sustainable communication.
Exactly. (I actually never even considered Facebook, mainly because of its intrusive privacy policies, or lack thereof.)

So I am really hoping our genius Mark will find some time eventually to find a possibility to provide this sort of indiviually filled questionnaire
I have complete faith in Mark. :) Good luck with your group!


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