moderated Re: Reason to join a group box please!


Hi, J_Catlady,


I´ve seen you are the owner of a catgroup with amedical issue. I run the German speaking canine and feline Cushings Yg. We exist since 2006 and every week we get new members with quite sick animals. We likewise do not want to have spammers and food vendors or other commercially interested folks, and we need to have a good and friendly atmosphere for the pet owners who are often quite worried (I´m sure you know what I´m talking about).


Yahoo used to send out an automatic questionaire which we could text to our own gusto until 2014, but since then this possibility has vanished. So I made up my own qu. and it is well accepted by prospective members. I always add a pdf with group guidelines which they must accept as well. The questionnaire even asks for name, telephone numer and address and for a little text about the animal in question. So we know exactly who that person is.


Since about 2010 facebook with its easy going communication is on the market with thousands of groups, but our prospective members obviously prefer a professional serious minded group to facebook, and they do not bicker about the complicated entrance methods.


I was on facebook from 2010 to 2014, and I really got fed up with it, for I like serious and sustainable communication.


So I am really hoping our genius Mark will find some time eventually to find a possibility to provide this sort of indiviually filled questionnaire and hopefully also do that language job (which I believe isn´t easy). That’s what I want to contribute to this question.


Thanks for all your thoughts and work. I´d be so glad to move to since we have absolute treasures in our files and hope Yahoo will hold for a little while longer so they won´t get lost.


Regards from Cologne, Germany


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