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But be careful, because for at least two of us, the pending notice sometimes goes into a black hole. If I get no response within our required two days, I always contact the person first via an outside (still anonymous) email address, repeating basically the same information and asking them to check their spam, etc. Some nontrivial percentage of the time, the person then responds immediately, saying the email was nowhere to be found (including spam) and answering our questions right away. 

Also, I think that having to return an email questionnaire puts our groups at a disadvantage with Facebook groups. I would never use a FB group to save my soul, except, as I am doing now, to have a search presence there and point people to our group. Yet, it is very easy for people to join there by answering the questions in real-time. They don't have to "watch their email inbox (including spam) for a questionnaire!" as we are now routinely warning people to do after clicking on "join." In fact, it's the top message, in all caps, on our home page now because of this issue. Even if they do get the questionnaire, it's something of a disincentive to some otherwise-legitimate would-be members.

Mark has it on the todo list to implement a really nice web-based questionnaire whose answers go directly into some sort of database (the latter possibly just for premium groups). But meanwhile, I think we need something simple as soon as possible. This is a near-daily question/complaint/plea on GMF and there have been several threads about it here, both in general and in response to that.


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