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That's what I do. Here's my Pending Subscription notice:

"Dear Prospective Member,
Thank you for your interest in the <GroupName> group.
Groups such as <GroupName> occasionally suffer from individuals who join groups to harvest email addresses and "spam" the membership. So before your application is approved, would you please tell us a little more about your involvement with <GroupSubject>? Just a few lines will do, such as where you live, your name, your aspirations regarding <GroupSubject>or the names of any <GroupName> members you might know. If your email address is cryptic, please provide your proper name, not a pseudonym or business name - anonymous applicants will not be approved.
We're sorry for the extra step, but we trust you'll understand that we simply have our members' interests at heart.
Please send your reply to <GroupName>
If you do not reply then you are clearly not very interested in our group and your application is likely to be rejected.
The Owner and Moderators of the <GroupName> group."

If I get no reply within a day or two, I reject the applicant.

On 18 February 2018 at 16:11, Ginny T. <gttemari21@...> wrote:
There is a way around this, Philip -
Set up a Pending Subscription in Member Notices. This would be sent by the system immediately upon there being a request to join. I use the owners email as the email to have the person respond to, so as to not dangle a personal email out there. Our message asks them to provide their name, why they would like to join, and that they have 72 hours to reply to the note otherwise their request will be declined.
Get a reply, then bring them in. Don't get a reply - POOF.

On Sat, Feb 17, 2018 at 06:59 am, Philip Wormald wrote:
Ideally I'd like a stage where they HAVE to enter a reason for joining, or approval process won't allow them to proceed or join. It would save a great deal of hassle and work at our end...

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