moderated Re: problems with receiving "tickets", zendesk activity log, and zendesk login UI #suggestion #bug



I set up exactly this on Sunday. It did seem to cut down on the number of duplicated invites. But what I've found is that it appears some people never seem to receive the acknowledgement. Or at least they don't check their email until after re-trying the invite process a few times.

Ah, yes. The natural tendency is to pound on it when it doesn't (appear to) work. Natural since that's exactly how one gets by most of the other problems at Y!Groups - try again.

Nevertheless I'm glad to hear it, now I've a new answer for the folks asking at Y!GMF and YGOG.
A FAQ I'm being asked is whether there's a means other than an Invitation which may be used at Step 1. For example, an email to from the moderator's personal email address, including a link to the group or the -subscribe address. Most feel that using their own email service is likely to be more reliable than Y!Groups invite function.

I'd have to figure out the name of the group, somehow. 

Given that these would be hand-crafted messages automating the processing might be some effort. But I would suggest asking that they include the group's -subscribe address. That you ought to be able to eyeball or parse to get the name of the group.
I'm sure there are other things I can do. But I keep wondering at what point does the flood of groups end/at what point would any extra effort on my part to automate things not be time well spent.

Yeah. I don't know how to guess. Y!Groups directory once showed over 10 million groups, yours now over 4500 (wow! congrats!), neither of those counts including unlisted groups. So the upside potential is huge. But of course most of those Y!Groups are likely fallow now, or moved elsewhere, and some fraction will never move for whatever reason. Still, I've never been convinced that Y!GMF, YGOG and the other mod groups together reach more than a small fraction of active groups, just based on the continual appearance of new members.

BTW I'm watching for posterid to cross 1 million. I've seen over 680K so far... Yowza!


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