moderated Re: problems with receiving "tickets", zendesk activity log, and zendesk login UI #suggestion #bug



The Yahoo Group transfer queue is still several days long. Yahoo is still very much misbehaving, which is slowing things down.

One thing you mentioned earlier is the flood of multiple invites resulting from the apparent failure (error message) on Yahoo's end. The note in the transfer instructions "If you receive an error when inviting the member to join your Yahoo Group, that's ok, the invite still went out." does not appear to be the whole story. Reports from field testing suggest that sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

I and others have been trying to overcome the uncertainty by asking people to always include a test email address when using Invite so that they can determine whether the invitations went out. That's where the field reports of them not actually going out have come from - though there's always the possibility of flawed observation.

In light of all the confusion on the subject I was wondering if it would be practical for you to set up an auto-forward when transfer receives an Invitation: forward an acknowledgement to the Y!group's -owner address. I know you don't want to reply to the invite, as that would (prematurely) accept the invitation.

A FAQ I'm being asked is whether there's a means other than an Invitation which may be used at Step 1. For example, an email to from the moderator's personal email address, including a link to the group or the -subscribe address. Most feel that using their own email service is likely to be more reliable than Y!Groups invite function.


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