moderated Re: problems with receiving "tickets", zendesk activity log, and zendesk login UI #suggestion #bug


Hi All,

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 9:29 AM, Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...> wrote:
I appear to be having a similar problem with getting any response from via Zendesk. I do get a ticket# and a generic "reply above the line" comment, but nothing else. I've followed Catlady's steps (thanks) about logging into Zendesk, which I had not been previously aware of. I have gotten in, but only the first of my two tickets show up at all, and even then only as a "request I was cc'd on". It is the second that doesn't show up at all that I am currently concerned with. I am trying to move a Yahoo group over, and trying to find out if anything is happening or if my request was even received.

I checked your open tickets. You had asked about an update for your group transfer yesterday morning, and then replied to that message this morning. I apologize, but the support queue is a few days long right now. I do work to get to premium group support requests faster than that. I am not always able to reply to every message. 

The Yahoo Group transfer queue is still several days long. Yahoo is still very much misbehaving, which is slowing things down. I'm working through the queue, but I also need to work on features, bug fixes, and all the usual stuff. I do also try to expedite group transfers for premium groups. I do VERY MUCH appreciate the offers of help that some have sent. You people are awesome.

There is a notice on the Easy Group Transfer page about the queue being several days long. But there wasn't a notice in the email I send out after accepting a group invite. I've added one there as well.


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