moderated Re: login suggestion for new refugees from YahooGroups

Sharon Villines

On Feb 14, 2018, at 12:08 AM, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

HI Sharon,

Thanks for the great feedback. I have incorporated your feedback into the join screen, the confirmation email and the welcome page. The welcome page (what you get when you click the Confirm link in the email) now lets you set a password directly on that page without having to go to your account. I've tweaked the account pages a little, but I need to go over that a lot more. But hopefully this will help your new members.
Thank you very much, Mark. I appreciate the attention to this.

I sent a message to with a new address.

I received all the messages saying I was approved and received the welcome message.

When I went to the site to set up a password, I entered the email address, and clicked on "don’t have a password."

I’m taken to a page that says that address doesn’t have an account.

Shouldn’t the email address be recognized as soon as my membership is approved and I’ve received the welcome message?


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