moderated Re: web-based questionnaire for restricted groups a pressing issue #suggestion

Judy F.

It has been some time since I was active on this beta group although I have read most of the posts. 

The process that is currently used on our buying and selling group is the individual joins the group and they are pended.  An email message is sent to them requesting required information that is listed in the message and that needs to be returned within 48 hours.  If I don't get it in that time, the pended request is denied.  Those email replies are kept in an approved folder and can be referred to at any time if needed. 

I agree that whatever method is used, that it applies to all groups, regular and premium.  At some point, I would like for someone to explain to me exactly how the method that is in the queue will work so I can determine if it will work in our situation and I'm sure others.

Thank you,
Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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