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Most of our members subscribe via the web.

On Feb 14, 2018, at 10:37 AM, Drew AF2Z <> wrote:

I don't mean to hijack this thread about web-based questionnaires but it seems appropriate to mention that a simpler solution for obtaining info from potential subscribers would be to allow comments to be passed to owners via the +subscribe email address. That is how YG worked. I suspect some former yahoo users do include comments in their subscribe email but there is no indication to them that their comments go nowhere.

Lacking comments in the subscribe email we have to resort to overly complicated instructions on our group page to obtain required info. Example:

"Send an empty email to the +subscribe address and we will contact you with a request for the required info. Alternatively, send the required info to +owners address and we will send you an invitation which you will then need to respond to in order to become a subscriber."

It would be so much easier to simply state:

"Send required info to"

I realize the premium account allows direct add but that still leaves the problem of comments in subscribe emails being ignored and having to engage in multiple email exchanges in order to process required info.


On 02/14/18 12:40, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Hi J,
On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 8:41 AM, J_Catlady < <>> wrote:
I think this is on the todo list but I am pushing for a bump in
priority: GMF is virtually *swamped* with new group owners flummoxed
and dismayed by not having the same kind of web-based questionnaire
for prospective membersthat they had in Y!G. Can you refresh my memory? I thought Y! Groups only had a single text box where you could enter a reason for joining, and that you couldn't specify the question. And that reason was just emailed to the owners and not stored anywhere. Is that true?
What my vision has been is to use the database feature to be able to define a proper questionnaire. The results would be stored with the member and could be referenced/searched on. Some/all of those answers could also be made visible to the other group members. Also, I want to be able to use the database to define extra fields for each member, so that moderators can track information. But I haven't been able to properly map all this out in my head and figure out how it should work. And I was thinking it'd be a premium group feature.



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