moderated Re: web-based questionnaire for restricted groups a pressing issue #suggestion



Yes, that was sloppy language on my part. Y!G only has the textbox, but at this point, even that would be better than nothing. I do remember your plan for the questionnaire and having it go directly into a database. I don't care at this point whether or not it goes directly into a database - although that would be really nice  - and I don't think anybody else does either, at this point. They are all just clamoring for a way to get some information from a prospective member besides having to do sit and wait for an emailed questionnaire that possibly never arrives (and you never know whether it does or not). 

I think making the fancy implementation (database, etc.) could be a premium feature, but I think it's not a good idea to make at least some form of this a basic feature. Maybe just the textbox. Of course I haven't thought it through either, but I would be - as always lol - willing to lend my opinion if you sketch something out. :)

I feel like there is urgency here, just to get *something*. 


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