moderated web-based questionnaire for restricted groups a pressing issue #suggestion


Hi Mark,

I think this is on the todo list but I am pushing for a bump in priority: GMF is virtually *swamped* with new group owners flummoxed and dismayed by not having the same kind of web-based questionnaire for prospective membersthat they had in Y!G. They are being advised to use the pending member notice to send an email questionnaire, but, as in my group, these get lost a significant percentage of the time in at least one other group; and even when they're received, having an email-based questionnaire can be a significant disincentive to join a group, compared, say, to FB groups, and sometimes people are just put off by them. (I won't compare it to Y!G because of all the problems there, including with the CAPTCHA (sp?), but that's what it's being compare to over and over again in GMF by new members.)

Hoping this can happen sooner rather than later.




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