moderated Re: Date format settings #suggestion

Sharon Villines

On Feb 13, 2018, at 5:21 AM, Ian Gillis <> wrote:
In messages the English groups use the format from the RFC headers, viz. 24 January 2018
I find this clearest — with the month spelled out. I started using this when my email groups and clients became international. It’s the clearest for everyone even if it is not conventional locally. My copy editor for my last book even allowed this format in the bibliography.

then yyyy/mm/dd is IMHO the most logical choice.
I use this on files when I want them to sort chronologically. Otherwise, I find people are confused by it. And the further we go into the 2000’s the more people will want to use only 2 numbers for the year. I’m already getting questions about this.

Sharon Villines
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