moderated Re: On language and date localization


On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 06:10 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:

I agree that localizing into different languages would be great,
and it's on the TODO list. Unfortunately I can't dedicate the time to make
it happen right now. One of the reasons is that once a site is localized,
it's more difficult to add/change features. It slows development down a
bit, for the rest of time. Also, no paid groups have asked for it (but have
asked for other features not yet supported). Again, I think it's absolutely
worthwhile. But I can't do it right now.
Thank you for considering our request. I do appreciate it.
I'll be glad to help with the Italian translation, whenever you decide to go ahead with the project.
As for date localization, I am not sure what we're talking about, but the date format we're familiar with over here is definitively day-month-year.

All the best,

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