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Dear kr402,

I live in France and run Yahoo groups in English and in French.

In messages the English groups use the format from the RFC headers, viz. 24 January 2018
The French groups translate the month, viz. 24 janvier 2018 (note the lower case initial letter for the month).

The short-form versions used by Yahoo for notifications are 24 Jan, 2017 or 24 janv. 2017.

There is a European Norm which invokes ISO 8601 - it's referred to as "EN ISO 8601" - which is a pan-European standard and thus should apply to the UK and France - although what happens after Brexit is anyone's guess! It uses only numerals which avoids the translation and usage problems for the months.

Common usage in the UK is dd/mm/yyyy, as it is in France. However the clumsy, confusing and illogical 12-hour system with am and pm is used for time in the UK and the 24-hour system in Europe.

Ideally Groups IO should make the date and time format settable to suit local preferences, but if this is "too hard" then yyyy/mm/dd is IMHO the most logical choice.

 Ian Gillis C Eng MIET

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On Feb 12, 2018, at 2:01 PM, Ian Gillis <tessel.bas@...> wrote:

About the only criticism of my transferred former Yahoo group of retired Marconi (UK) engineers was the date format. Absolutely no-one likes mm-dd-yyyy, everyone would be happy with the European dd-mm-yyyy but a fair few would be prepared to accept the ISO 8601 yyyy-mm-dd. I understand that to a US developer mm-dd-yyyy is familiar and doesn't yell "Change Me!" - but to a retired UK engineer it's very irritating and a potential source of schedule errors…

hmmm, what do you propose different for each region?
EG: Ygroups has U.K. groups.
Is the date there 
European dd-mm-yyyy ?

 Ian Gillis C Eng MIET

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