moderated Re: Repeating Events in Calendar Bug

Dave Sergeant

I wonder if the same is happening to you. Due to a glitch in my
browswer (Palemoon) the popup window to choose whether you want it to
apply to the current event or all events doesn't immediately appear - I
have to switch to another tab and back to get it. I had previously
tried to edit an event to remove the alert when it happened and assumed
it had saved but had not as I had not seen the popup. Now gone back and
made sure I ticked the box on the popup as well and it seems to have
updated correctly.

This glitch with not seeing the popup happens in a few other areas of, very annoying but nothing to do with


On 12 Feb 2018 at 15:22, Scott Myers wrote:

I've noted that once a repeating event is added to the calendar, it will
not accept a change. It must be deleted and you have to reenter to
correct the repeating event.

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