moderated On language and date localization


Hi All,

I agree that localizing into different languages would be great, and it's on the TODO list. Unfortunately I can't dedicate the time to make it happen right now. One of the reasons is that once a site is localized, it's more difficult to add/change features. It slows development down a bit, for the rest of time. Also, no paid groups have asked for it (but have asked for other features not yet supported). Again, I think it's absolutely worthwhile. But I can't do it right now.

Date localization is a little easier, as it's a lot more limited in scope. The outstanding problem with getting that done right now (besides time) is that it's unclear if the library I use for the date picker on the add event page supports different date formats. That's on me to spend the time to figure out; I just haven't been able to yet.


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