moderated Re: #transfer

Southenders Admin

Thanks, Shal

Message problem solved, in a way.

I changed all my members to default Message Policy, and my message with attachment went through. I guess I must have misunderstood the Overides.

But even so, after I approved the earlier  messages, they did not go through after moderation.

I have created a PDF for event creation, but it's pretty rudimentary. I also have one explaining hashtags to new members.

The message to my members about hashtag was regarding color coding.  Here's the wording:

The new website has a very important feature. These are Hashtags that allow you to focus in on a particular Interest Group, and its activities.

Hashtags are color coded:

Red are for general membership and board business
Blue represents Outdoor activities
Gold represents Indoor activities
Green represents...eating activities
Attached is a copy of part of the web page showing how these look. 


When you're old and retired like my group, you can move down to Lake Norman NC, and join!

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