moderated search function

Nancy P

I'd posted this earlier in the group managers forum and it was suggested that I try it here as well as it was apparently a subject for discussion a few months ago - any chance the search function will be expanded to include partial words?

" We've just started transferring our groups from yahoo and have been very pleased so far with both the results and Mark's support.  However, I discovered something a bit puzzling today.  I was searching for a person whose last name was Holbrooks and, when I enter that entire name, all his records came up.  However, if I just enter Holbrook (without the "s" at the end), it doesn't find any of his records.  That seems very peculiar to me!   What am I missing?  Or perhaps I was spoiled in yahoo where I could enter a truncated version of a name and it would find all entries containing that sequence of letters?"

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