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Thanks, Marina,

You wrote: "There is an invite message in English which, apparently, you can customize.
I thought that I could replace it with a text in Italian, but found out that you can't delete the English text and replace it with another one.
The customized/optional message is inserted automatically in the middle of the original English text, which makes it more confusing."

This of course will not solve the problem. Only the admin could change it then, if I consider this correctly.. All standard (fixed) texts should be replaced; otherwise it really is confusing.


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On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 03:13 am, Victoria Caesar wrote:

But I don´t know if there aren´t specially prepared standard texts
(f.e. invitations to old group members), which automatically are sent
by and therefore are in English? These should definitely be
translated into their mother tongue. Or do I - being the owner -
create these standard texts myself anyway?


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