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I've implemented Wild Apricot with a large club I belong to.  It is really a point of sale system meant for managing memberships, trainings, etc.  It is a much more complex beast and of course, at a much higher cost.  When it was implemented, we were comparing it to several other similar systems that compete with Wild Apricot.  It really is an apples and oranges when comparing to



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My group wants me to look at wildapricot and a few other pay groups, but I know the Groups has the capability to be all that we need.

I hadn't heard of wild apricot, thanks for the pointer. Looks like is underpriced.


Wild Apricot provides payments, so that is a different level of features. I looked at it a few years ago for our Boy Scout troop, to handle dues, paying for outings, etc.


On the other hand, provides more features than FastMail and WordPress, the other services I pay for.


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