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Southenders Admin,

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 4:58 AM, Southenders Admin <nnnlriep6@...> wrote:
Thanks to all for the helpful replies.

My message with the attachment was just 987kb. For my that's large. It still hasn't shown up.

Not sure what the issue could be. We haven't had any other reports of missing emails. 

I used a name close enough to the original for my test site that it doesn't matter to me which site I use.
As for the payment, I am a former business owner. I know the value of being a business plan that not just takes care of a need, but shows the foresight of the business to grow and succeed. It would be less worrisome if the future looked more stable here. When Pandora went public, the CEO said, in an interview, he didn't know how they would ever make money. Blue Aprons CEO took a similar track. It's more professional to show that not only are you capable of creating a good/great product, but that you are building towards a future. 
Do any of you want to do this again?

The best thing you (or anyone else) can do who wants to make sure is around for the long term is to sign up for a premium group.

My group wants me to look at wildapricot and a few other pay groups, but I know the Groups has the capability to be all that we need.

I hadn't heard of wild apricot, thanks for the pointer. Looks like is underpriced.


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