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Tony Moody

I have filters set in my emailer (Pegasus) to send post to folders for each each group.
So email from goes into the GrioBeta folder  etc.


On 12 Feb 2018 at 6:43, beta@... wrote about :
Subject : [beta] One User Account – Multip

It would really be nice if you could have one account but have an email address for each group you are subscribed to.  For example, have a user account as user@...  but for groups have something like cats@... and dogs@... .
I am coming from Yahoo groups where I was able to do this and it was not only very convenient for administering my groups but it made reading the posts much easier since all the posts from one group were in one place and not mixed in with posts from other groups.
I know I can make up an account for each group and I have done that but it is rather cumbersome.
A search of the archives finds this has been mentioned before and there was a hint that there was a long range plan to accomplish this, but that was almost two years ago (1Mar16)  so perhaps a "bump" would be not be out of place.  I would have just added my post to the older one rather than start a new thread, but it appears to be locked.

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