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Southenders Admin,

... I'm wondering if I really need to take up Mark's time to
transfer the group from Yahoo, or if that is everything i need to get
from them. Is there a way to complete the transfer from the files I
He hasn't mentioned automating any file-based import from PG Offline archives. So that would probably involve at least as much of Mark's time as using the transfer agent. He has mentioned importing messages (only) from Mailman and other lists, but I think he has done those essentially as one-offs.

I've set up a trial site, and a site with a similar name that I have
been saving for the transfer from Yahoo. While I'd like to keep the
hashtags I've already created, if I have to use the unused 'similar
name' empty site I will invest the time.
I'm not quite sure what the question is here, You can transfer into either group.

If you're going to switch the names around remember that deleting a group leaves its name reserved indefinitely. To avoid that rename the group first (the old name does not become reserved).

I hate to say that I would feel better if there was a fee for this,
and that staff could be hired to assist Mark, because long term
stability means I don't have to worry about doing this again.
Others have mentioned upgrading your group to Premium. In addition to the Pricing page, have a look at the Upgrade page in your group (bottom most of the Admin buttons). Click the View/Change Plan button. There you'll see that one of the choices is "Group Transfer (Premium For One Month). If you're up for a voluntary payment that's a no-fuss way to do it.


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