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Southenders Admin

Having played around with, I am prepared to move my group. While I have group members who are fighting the inevitable, I think it is something that must be done.

I've copied my groups photos, files, and messages via PG Offline to my hard drive, and I'm wondering if I really need to take up Mark's time to transfer the group from Yahoo, or if that is everything i need to get from them. Is there a way to complete the transfer from the files I downloaded?

I've set up a trial site, and a site with a similar name that I have been saving for the transfer from Yahoo. While I'd like to keep the hashtags I've already created, if I have to use the unused 'similar name' empty site I will invest the time. I've already invested quite a bit.

There are features that are missing that I would love to have, and have posted some of them in the beta group.
I would love a calendar that had an "add Tags" dropdown. It would probably also allow for the color coding to match those of the hashtags.
I would like to have the calendar event entry come with the ability to standardize a few notification dates.

Sometimes messages with attachments take hours or do not show up at all on the receiving end. Is that my site, or something that happens to others? I have gotten around that by just adding the separate file, but I would love to have a message go out with those files. Perhaps it is because my site is 'new'?

Comments and help are much appreciated.
I hate to say that I would feel better if there was a fee for this, and that staff could be hired to assist Mark, because long term stability means I don't have to worry about doing this again. There are pay sites that could do what we have here. My personal reason for choosing this is that it is as close as possible to what my group has used for the last 7 years, and we're old guys. Literally.

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