moderated Re: disallow banned addresses from posting in a non-subscribers can post group #suggestion


I think on balance I support that idea, but I'm not sure. The group I started
here recently allows non-subscribers to post. We haven't had any spam as yet,
but that could obviously happen at any time and this would be a way of reducing
it to some extent. It wouldn't stop it because spammers so often spoof the from
address, and it could inadvertantly ban innocent people whose email address has
been spoofed. If the ban were applied to the sending IP address that might be
better than the email address, for this and general member banning.

On 9 Feb 2018 at 10:53, J_Catlady wrote:

It would be convenient for a non-subscribers-can-post group to be able to
prevent known spammers from posting repeatedly. My guess is that banning an
address in such a group does not accomplish that(?). If so, my suggestion is to
disallow posts from banned addresses even in a group set to non-subscribers can
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