moderated Re: Update on Y! Groups transfers


On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 04:10 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:

The oldest invites in the queue right now are from a little over 2 days
ago. I try to process things in batches. It's a challenge because I can't
spend all my time just doing transfer requests.
Many thanks for all your efforts, Mark.
I don't want to be a pain either, but...
I sent an invite to transfer@ from my YG Biblit yesterday and got an error message like many other desperate YG owners.
I decided to wait it out, but this morning, following Wise Shal's wise advice, I tried to send an invite to one on my e-mails not listed in the group just to check if the system worked. I got the same error message and I haven't received any invite from YG so far.
So maybe the error message, at least in some cases, is an actual error message and not a bug.

I wonder if the transfer could be done the other way round: the desperate YG owner sends a mail to transfer@ stating the name of the YG group he/she wants to relocate and you contact the group from transfer@ with a membership request.

Sorry if this is a dumb idea.


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