moderated Re: login suggestion for new refugees from YahooGroups

Ruthie Levi

i think you are on the right track here, Shal. but let’s not over complicate the instructions. People just need a bit of guidance, because to them, they are landing on Mars(minus the Tesla!), when they come to the Groups.IO home page. Just a bit of language indicating that they are already members, just need to set up their password. Many of my members think the transition was so seamless that their old Yahoo password should work!


Yes, Mark, your language at the bottom of the page is almost good enuf, but needs a bit of tweaking & moving it higher up on the page, perhaps, so it is far more noticeable.


To those who replied, indicating to change our invite/subscription language, that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about an entire group transfer of 15K people who are members already & just need to know how to navigate the new platform.


thanks, all!


ruthie levi


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