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Maybe it should say that they have to click on the link. ;p

On Thu, Feb 8, 2018 at 7:54 PM, Bob Bellizzi <cdfexec@...> wrote:
Our group is for mostly older people with a late onset genetic disease. The cross section of internet experience is rather low also.
We only have 3300+ members even my members seem to understand what Mark wrote (below)

I Have Forgotten My Password/I Don't Have A Password

To log in without a password, go to the login page and click the 'Email me a link to log in' button. Once you enter your email address, you'll immediately be sent an email with a link that will automatically log you into You will stay logged in for up to 30 days, unless you log out. You can then set a password if you wish, or you can continue to utilize the Email me a link to log in function to log in when needed.


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