moderated Re: login suggestion for new refugees from YahooGroups

Sharon Villines

On Feb 8, 2018, at 6:13 PM, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:

For the login page, right now it has the following text:

Are you receiving emails from a group but have never visited the website? Use the Email me a link to log in button above to log into the website.
Don't have a account? Registration is free and easy.
The message should be at the point when they try to sign in. Sending emails and clicking on links just delays the process and the email goes to spam anyway. then the owner gets contacted and Twitter gets notified and then it's a whole big thing.

The problem is that they are asked to enter a password when they don’t have one. There isn’t a distinction on the page between those who have set one up and those who haven’t. Simplest solution:

Below the enter-your-password box insert: “If you haven’t set up a password yet” do this.

Ideally there would be two sign-in pages—one that people are sent to if they have set up a password and another one for those who haven’t set one up yet.

I would not call it an account unless you have to. “Account” has connotations of Yahoo where you have to give your phone number and ll your marketing preferences, sex, age, etc. The wonderful thing about is that it is simple. You have a username, password, and list of groups.

Who had to sit through a 20 minute discourse from a member who tried to sign in and couldn’t figure out what to do since she didn’t have a password. And how many paragraphs she was going to write for instructions telling other people what to do.

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