moderated Re: Facebook Groups Integration - Possible Workaround?

Scott Myers

So, I did figure out a workaround and checked it for functionality, but it makes for an extra step... but it works.  The group on facebook must be a public group in order for this to work.

First, you create a "page" within your own personal facebook page.  You'll see "pages" under explore.  Click on that and then you can create a page.  So let's say the group you want to get info from is called "widgets", then maybe you make the name of your personal page "Bob's widget reflector".  (The actual name is unimportant, but perhaps something that makes it logical for you.)   Then you go to your newly set-up page and get it's URL and then put that in the integration on your Group here.  Then when something comes up in the group on facebook that you want to make sure hits the group here, you "share" the group post into your personal separate page and viola!, it posts in to the group here.  It's the extra "share" that must be done to make it work.

I know, it's convoluted.  And if the group on facebook was super busy with posts, it would be a real annoyance.  But this does work.

Not ideal and being able to integrate a group would be the ideal, but for now, this may help others.

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