moderated Facebook Groups Integration - Possible Workaround?

Scott Myers

I know this has been discussed before in several threads, but I'd love to see the powers that be make this more of a priority.  Why?  Since is for groups obviously, the primary need would be to integrate with a Facebook group as an extension of communicating with that group.  Being able to integrate with a facebook page is of little value, since a page is for an individual and has next to nothing to do with group communication.


So that said, let me ask about a possible workaround.  If I share something from a facebook group into a facebook page, will it then allow it to be reflected onto a group here, or is it limited by the original facebook group page?  So the group I need to reflecting into I could potentially share into my own personal facebook page.  It's a messy workaround requiring an extra step, but it may be something we can do in the interim... assuming it works.


So administrators, what do you say?  Have you tried this?


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