moderated Re: Yahoo Group transfers

Ginny T.

And here's your chuckle for the day: I recently moved a group that's an online chapter of a national organization. They'd decided late last fall after the Yahoo fit in October. We were well into it (thank goodness) when the death-spiral began. Managed to get out of Yahoo intact. Right before we moved, one person posted that she didn't want her info "taken" into Groups because "there is absolutely no information available about "security"; remove her from the group. Nothing would make a dent with her. She was told if she wanted out, she needed to cancel her YG membership. That didn't happen.

We move, go live, everyone are happy campers, she posts about she would have preferred a Facebook Group "like everyone else". REALLY? You're pitching fits about  "security" and you're hollering it should have been Facebook? She  was told again why Groupsand the reply was to unsub. Hokay!

I know - don't say it - like I said, chuckle for the day.

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