moderated Reengage Past Members cant remove them from the Past Group

Bob Bellizzi

There seems no way to reengage Past Members.  It would be helpful is we could reengage these people
But I also  notice the only thing kept is the email an when they left.  No page seems available, at least in Premium.

As someone said, many (of these) members  are in the right lane of the Internet highway,  And  they don't notice that they are not receiving messages or digests and when the Unsubscribed/spam message arrives, it, too goes into the junk or spam folder, not to be seen because they just don't look for almost a month in this case.

And, what is the import of a Past Member if we attempt to Direct Add one of them because there is no way to remove them from the Past group


Bob Bellizzi

Founder, Fuchs Friends ®
Founder & Executive Director, The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation

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